The Humboldt Early Math Leadership Team is part of the California Early Math Initiative!

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Meet our participants! Our team includes early educators from all over our county.

Local Projects

Whether you are an educator, parent, or after-school coordinator, there is something for you to use with your young learners

Early Math Resources

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This site is for any and all math leaders, whether aspiring or established. The Humboldt Early Math Leadership Team (HEMLT) was grant-funded by the California Early Math Initiative and one of thirty participating teams. Our team was based out of the Humboldt County Office of Education and coordinated by Maikken Bass (Educator, Eureka City Schools), Ryan Keller (Learning Specialist, HCOE), and Cindi Kaup (Early Childhood Coordinator, HCOE.) This site includes information on the CAEMI grant, resources from the many projects that came out of HEMLT, and additional resources for educators, families, and caretakers of early learners.

We are thrilled you are here and hope you find something that inspires you.

The HEMLT Learning Program

This groundbreaking professional learning network supported the math development of educators for infants through third grade and sought to produce a ripple-effect in the community. The HEMLT program included 25 local educators and required a commitment to the year-long program, which included workshops, coaching, book study, and a culminating final project.

The overarching goal for the initiative was to improve mathematical outcomes and foster positive
mathematical mindsets for children and educators through the following components:
● Increase understanding of mathematical skill development across the continuum
● Explore play-based learning strategies and activities
● Collaborate with other educators and participate in group coaching to apply and refine
best practices
● Develop and implement an individualized, specialized project within the participant’s
sphere of influence (to a group of children, educators or families)

Some of our workshops included:

-Jo Boaler's "Math Mindset" Workshop. Boaler is a mathematician, author of multiple math mindset books, and co-founder of YouCubed.

-Kim Sutton's "Engaging Activities to Develop Our Early Learners' Math Mindset" Workshop.

Sutton leads teacher trainings and develops content that inspires educators to teach the standards in ways that matter. She is the founder of Creative Mathematics, an educational consulting company.

-Bill Funkhouser and Heather Gaiera's "Integrating Math with Literacy, Art, Music, and Movement." This was put on by the Arts Integration Grant and demonstrated rhythm and beat, "See, Wonder, Think", and dance routine!


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HEMLT playing Flippin' Dominoes at the Kim Sutton workshop
HEMLT participant creating a bead rope at the Kim Sutton workshop.

Our book study was a yearlong immersion into "Mathematical Mindsets" by Jo Boaler. The cohort read sections of the book, met with their teams to discuss and reflect on the rich personal and  pedagogical opportunities for growth within its pages, and took notes on ways to implement the suggestions. This led to tangible changes in the teaching practice of our educators and even some mindset shifts for the educators themselves!

Our vision was that this project would result in a countywide cohort of early math leaders who are
empowered to positively influence and affect math education for young children in Humboldt
County. We are proud to say that our projects demonstrated just that.

HEMLT participants in discussion

"I have really learned to think about the opportunities to integrate math and the arts, whereas before, they were on opposite ends of the spectrum."

-HEMLT Participant

HEMLT participants sharing a group poster about mean, median, mode, and range.

"My understanding of play-based learning, especially with young children, has increased a lot. I have discovered many ways to integrate math into play and conversation with children."

-HEMLT Participant

Students playing math games

"I now recognize how necessary play is. It is the foundation of all learning."

-HEMLT Participant

Heather Gaiera presenting at the Arts Integration workshop

"My understanding of growth mindset has grown exponentially both in the classroom as well as my own life."

-HEMLT Participant